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This project was started thanks to your requests in order to rent or purchase real estate and our experience gained while getting known with the island and running a group of companies Gran Canaria Russian Center & Club. In our opinion by working hard we have created the best and the most profitable database of properties, relying on the most important factors such as economics, territorial and moral.

We developed a strategy that permits us to come to a beneficial agreement with the seller about the price of real estate, in that way speeding up the sale for a small service fee. Thus we offer perfect property at the best possible price on the market. Our company is legally registered in Spain and in a short time has obtained the reputation of serious and safe partner, thanks to the qualities such as efficiency, reliability, and confidentiality.

We offer you a complete range of services and extensive experience of our international real estate specialists, prepared to negotiate in Russian, English, German and Spanish.

We are ready to do our job with responsibility, and we are sure that we can always help you to find the best option, relying on our knowledge, experience and intuition.



We offer you our help:

  • when buying or selling a residential property
  • when buying plots of land and commercial real estate
  • to rent or to rent apartments, transfer, houses or villas
  • in legal support of transactions
  • when financing through mortgage
  • professional consultations on the peculiarities of the local market and
  • law (civil law, business, taxes)
  • to find a profitable investment
  • when registering a legal entity
  • to get  insurance
  • in real estate management (service, maintenance of property, to contract utilities and other companies)
  • in the selection of personnel
  • complete administration of your issues

Gran Canaria is the centre of the Canary Islands. This unique place has been recognized as the best place in the world to live for its climate. Throughout the year in the southwest region of the island the temperature is  22-32°C, while the temperature of the water is about 20-24°C, in this way benefiting residents and visitors with 365 days of summer. Territorially it is in Spain, although it is in the Atlantic Ocean at the 1000 km of the European continent and 112 km of desert of the Sahara in Africa.

The archipelago is an area of free trade, what contributes to its fast development. Stable tourism started here in 1975. Officially, 10,630,000 people visited the Canary Islands in 2013, which is 20% more than the year before, increasing interest in the real estate sector, especially in winter time. This steady growth has been continuing since 2010. By 2020, the island of Gran Canaria will become the leader of the market in winter tourism by many criteria.

Comparing with the island of Tenerife, the number of Russians on Gran Canaria is not big, because Tenerife had been the only destination of the Canary Islands on the Russian tourism market since 1991 till recently. The New Year’s Eve is the most visited period by Russian tourists.

In 2014, the ban on construction was eliminated and during the next six years on the island will begin to carry out about ten important projects that will give more comfort to guests and will make Gran Canaria the leader in number of visitors among the Canary Islands.

This will cause the housing shortage and a sharp increase in property prices. According to our market research, this year at the New Year’s Eve, the last hotel rooms in the South were sold at prices many times higher than the original cost, and on private market there was not a single offer.



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